Wireless transmission is at the heart of every modern film production, whether that’s camera mounted transmitters, or wireless monitors to facilitate social distancing. That’s why we have developed our own transmitter, The Eagle. A world exclusive dual-band transmitter to provide robust long-distance video transmission, coupled with on-set focus monitoring and careful frequency management. Quite simply we are the leading provider of transmitters in Europe today, so whether you’re on land, in the air or on a boat we will provide the tools to secure your video transmission quickly and securely. 


The world’s first dual band video transmitter. Within a single compact unit the EAGLE combines both the ultra-low delay and high picture quality of a licence free 5GHz video transmitter, with the long range and robust RG performance of a DVB-T system. 


Built specifically for the film and tv industry it features a robust, but compact easy to rig design.


Exceptional picture quality using HEVC encoding, reliable COFDM RF, slimline design and low latency, the Helios 10FTX is the ultimate wireless video transmitter for the film industry.