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Meet Aisling Norton, CineArk’s Ireland Office Administrator

As we near the end of the year – and as production ramps up in the wake of the actor's strike - we’re reminded once again what a fantastic team we have. And thus, we’re very excited to announce our AA winner!

What was your background prior to joining us?

Before working in Cineark Ireland, I worked with my father in our family business for over a decade. My grandfather started a successful fuel distribution business over 60 years ago. I ran the day-to-day office side.

What did CineArk look like when you joined?

When I joined, we had just acquired the warehouse in Kinsealy. I was new to the industry, so I never fully understood the scope of opportunities that would be possible at Cineark Ireland until my first visit to the mothership in Wooburn!

What does a typical day look like?

I have yet to have a typical day I think! A day could involve making and sending quotes, invoicing, booking opportunities in and out. I have been involved with setting up the warehouse, from shelving to organising fire alarms. I have also dabbled in deliveries. And of course, there was the mad dash to Dublin Port one day to receive a last-minute shipment!

What do you like about the job?

I love learning so much about an industry I never thought would be accessible to me. I also love working with my partner in crime Lucy.

What impact have the writers’ strike and SAG strike had?

I don’t think we felt the strikes as much as perhaps people in the UK. Seeing as I am newish to the industry, I didn’t have many other years to compare to. We were relatively lucky in Ireland to have been kept busing working on Bad Sisters 2 during the strike.

What are you looking forward to at work?

I look forward to finding solutions to the different challenges that arise on a day-to-day basis.

What makes a good day?

A good day is seeing everything run smoothly – if any issues do pop up, it is always gratifying seeing how swiftly the team jumps in on Slack to lend a helping hand.

How would you sum up CineArk in a sentence?

Cutting edge, adaptable – always able to find a solution through teamwork.

Favourite film?

Forrest Gump

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