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Meet Lucy Whitelocks, CineArk Production Account Manager

Every month we aim to shine the spotlight on our incredible team members by presenting them with our AA award.

Lucy is the June winner of our AA award, given to a team member who has shone in the previous month. We wanted to get a little insight into what makes her tick and why she’s such an important part of our team, so we sat her down for a little Q&A.

What was your background prior to joining us?

When I was 19 I emailed everyone at Shepperton studios and badgered them. Finally I got one reply from a facility house that specialised in camera and grip equipment. They were reluctant at first but I told them to give me 6 months and I would prove my capability. I was with then with them for 2.5 years, responsible for Preston FIZ & Transmitter hire sales enquiries but also hands on with the kit and prep.

What did CineArk look like when you joined?

It was a very small exciting growing company with great prospects.  Coming from a kit rental company before I could see the potential particularly as I had a good degree of knowledge in regard to transmitters. At the time there were just two full-time staff. I joined as the office co-ordinator.

What does a typical day look like?

Constantly finding solutions, wrangling kit availability, keeping accounts up to date, invoicing, talking to external production teams, talking to crew and quoting. Once a job is underway I’m then in regular contact with that production to help wrangle kit, arrange swap outs, replacements, ongoing billing, additional hires, dailies etc. I also manage our Ireland HQ which opened in Dublin last year.

What do you like about the job?

Every day is different. I love the perks such as attending cast and crew screenings. I like the team and the feeling of knowing what I’m doing. I think I’m naturally good at wrangling kit and coming up with solutions. I’m also very passionate about TV and cinema and love being part of a show or production and feeling like I contributed. TV and films bring magic to life and it’s nice to be a part of that.

What impact have the writers’ strike and SAG strike had?

It’s been soul destroying to see people we’ve worked with for years suddenly in limbo and not knowing when they will be able to work again. On the positive side I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with people and having the time to work on relationships which I’d normally be too busy for. I like how the industry has responded as well and how the mutual support has grown. From the outside there’s very little awareness of what the strikes mean so it’s been really positive to see the industry come together and for us all to feel connected.

What are you looking forward to at work?

I like seeing amazing content and being part of that. I love supporting Ireland and making sure they become as successful as they can be and want to see it grow and become a big industry presence over there, much as CineArk has become over here.

What makes a good day?

When a big quote finally goes out. Sometimes it takes weeks of back and forth to get everything approved and it can involve a lot of people so when it finally gets approved, and the kit gets loaded up it’s a great feeling.

How would you sum up CineArk in a sentence?

Thinking outside the box – Constantly finding solutions for productions and crew.

Favourite film?

Pretty Woman

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