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The Eagle has landed​

The Eagle has landed​
CineArk RF is proud to introduce The Eagle, the world’s first dual band video transmitter.

Built specifically for the Film and TV industry, it 
features a ROBUST but COMPACT easy to rig design.

Within a single compact unit the EAGLE combines both the ultra-low delay and high picture quality of a licence free 5GHz video transmitter, with the long range and robust RF performance of a DVB-T system. This gives your operators the best of both worlds.

We have a range of receivers and antennas available allowing you to achieve incredible RF performance. We can easily transmit 10Km directly from camera, as well as covering non line-of-sight runs using multi-hop nodes. Combine this with support for air to ground links, and a wide range of mounting options it makes the EAGLE the ultimate product for all scales of film production.

Less equipment mounted on the camera to keep the camera operator happy.
High-quality zero-delay video, compatible with existing Teradek receivers, to keep the focus puller happy. Robust RF performance to keep everyone happy.

Key features
  • Single HD-SDI BNC Video Input
  • 6-17v power input
  • Analogue or embedded audio input and output
  • Exceptional long-range RF capabilities
  • Non-line-of-site transmission
  • Sub 1 frame delay
  • ANC Metadata pass-through
  • 128bit AES Encryption
  • Standard V-Mount for easy and secure rigging
  • Specialist vehicle mounts
  • Unlimited simultaneous receivers
  • Air to ground capability
  • Multi-hop repeater capable

Receiver options

  • Handheld / Director’s monitor options
  • Rack-mounted receiver with independent down converters for exceptional RF coverage
  • High Gain and Directional Antennas
  • Compatible with Teradek sidekick and other Teradek receivers

Download The Eagle Brochure

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