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Radio frequency is essential for modern film production​

Radio frequency is essential for modern film production​
Radio Frequency has never been more important than now with the emergence of Covid 19.

Wireless devices have revolutionised film-making, however the volume of devices on-set often causes many issues because of an overcrowded and uncontrolled RF spectrum. Below are some of the devices that use RF during production, which when not managed correctly, interfere with each other causing issues such as loss of video, sound, WiFi and lighting control to name a few.

What’s the solution?
The solution to this problem involves planning during pre-production, liaising with all stakeholders to manage RF spectrum on-set and deploying the right technology.

Every project is unique. CineArk has a flexible approach and we can scale our services as required. Any of the following services can be supplied independently or together as a fully managed solution.

RF services
– Pre-production Consultancy
– Site Survey
– On-set RF Engineer support
– Specialist RF equipment
– RF Spectrum Management

Pre-Production Consultancy
Our RF experts will be involved in the planning stages of a production, liaising with different departments, attending production meetings and tech-reccies, and providing ongoing support and planning, saving you valuable time on-set.

Site Survey
During a site survey, we consider the location topography and the set arrangement e.g. camera, vehicle and building positioning, to determine the optimum placement for RF equipment, ensuring maximum coverage and reliability.

We perform a detailed RF scan and analysis to understand which ​frequencies​ are currently in use and what interference issues may arise, then build these results into our frequency allocation planning.

RF Spectrum Management
We liaise with all departments to make a comprehensive frequency allocation plan, ensuring all RF devices work together effectively. CineArk can also coordinate with the relevant regulatory bodies to secure RF licences where required.

On-set RF Engineer Support
Our engineers can be on-site for the duration of the shoot to manage and troubleshoot all RF equipment, leaving the shooting crew to focus on their jobs.

Specialist RF Equipment
We have a comprehensive range of RF equipment for all scenarios.

– Complex setups with multiple wireless cameras
– Ultra long-range capability
– Vehicle-mounted solutions
– Robust 2-way wireless talkback
– Non-line-of-sight video & audio communication
– Mobile/hand-held receive sites
– Inter-unit and remote links

Related services
We also provide a range of related services which include:-

Network planning
General internet use and specifically streaming of video and audio over IP networks is an integral part of modern film-making. CineArk offers planning and consultancy as well as hardware and software solutions for all aspects of IP networking and mobile datalinks.

Remote Production
CineArk offers secure video, audio and talkback streaming technology to enable crews to continue filming whilst being geographically separated.

All stakeholders, wherever situated, can be an integral part of the filming process and can securely collaborate and communicate in real-time.

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