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Created by some of the UK’s most experienced film technicians, CineArk has been at the forefront of supplying cutting edge technologies for the film and TV industry since 2016 as well as a key supplier of video transmitters and RF solutions in Europe.

Through CineArk’s remote production service, ArkLink, the team have been able to respond to the needs of filmmakers who are faced with navigating a production through the global Covid-19 pandemic by providing a host of options that allow filming to remain on track, regardless of social distancing regulations or geographically separated locations.

ArkLink services include providing live secure streaming of video and audio feeds to connect multiple shooting units and remote cameras as well as streaming directly to crew in any location on personal devices, connecting shooting units, VFX and Editorial whilst providing robust talkback and communication solutions.

On one major production CineArk provided secure live streaming to over 50 simultaneous devices on the set of allowing key crew such as production, editorial and VFX to remain distanced from set, either in their own independent offices or from home. Additionally the CommsLink system provided the crew with an unprecedented level of real-time communication, allowing the director and his crew to be in constant discussion and simultaneously communicating with units shooting in multiple locations.

CineArk’s wireless video transmission capabilities were just one of the many ways they supported another major production. Having a robust long-range wireless feed was essential to complex stunt sequences shooting overseas. This footage was available instantly for review in the UK, allowing the editorial team to download and cut clips together allowing the director to instantly review as it was being shot. The process created unprecedented efficiencies across multiple areas including editing, set strikes, VFX and second unit and splinter unit work.

“Since Covid-19 we have seen an explosion of interest in remote production and we are so proud that we have been able to respond, diversify and establish ourselves as the Europe’s principle provider of remote production facilities” says CineArk head of operations; Spencer Weekes. “We have been able to deploy considerable experience and ingenuity to the task of enabling films to shoot whilst also assisting commercials and even documentaries by facilitating video streaming and communication tools across the globe. We can now look ahead at how these solutions will positively impact the industry moving forward and create innovative efficiencies for future productions.”

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