Through the use of secure, cutting-edge technology, Remote Production enables crews to continue filming whilst being in geographically separated locations.

All stakeholders, wherever they are situated can be an integral part of the filming process and can securely collaborate and communicate in real-time: the camera can be located in Iceland, with the Director watching live in London and the Producers in L.A.


Underpinned by years of experience and development, CineArk has successfully deployed this technology on some of the world’s most ambitious studio feature films.

At the forefront of Remote Production, these services have been unified as a new framework under the ArkLink brand.


Point-to-point Video Streaming

Broadcast quality, direct connection of video and audio feeds between two points over the internet, providing an ultra-low delay (sub 2-frame) encrypted connection. This is perfect for connecting multiple shooting units or remote cameras to a central video village.

Remote Review

During shooting, all footage is remotely available for user-controlled playback, immediately after every take. A remotely accessible video file server provides secure shared storage for real-time collaboration between Video Operators, Editorial and VFX.

Wireless Video and RF

A bespoke range of robust wireless solutions for cameras and monitoring
is available from CineArk RF. Our RF/IP technology provides the ability not only to receive pictures wirelessly on-set but also simultaneously stream footage securely over the internet to a central video village.

Live Cloud Streaming

This allows anyone (with the correct access rights), anywhere, using personal devices to securely view live camera feeds from multiple units and provides 2-way talkback. This uses a smart variable compression, enabling
a stable picture even over domestic WiFi or cellular connections.

Video Over Fibre

This allows for zero-delay, uncompressed transmission of video, audio, talkback and data between 2 points up to 15km apart. This is essential for extending camera or monitor feeds and connecting stages or locations together.



The following case studies demonstrate a few examples of how this technology could be deployed on productions, however there is no limit as to what can be achieved.


Near-set site

Any near set location. This could be unit base, production office, workshops etc.

Remote Clients

Live streaming and review on personal crew devices using any internet connection.

Skeleton Unit

A reduced shooting unit securely broadcasting a live video feed to the Central Video Village or other locations.

Remote Video Village

A video village setup in a geographically different location from set, connected securely via the internet.

Central Video Village

A hub where technical crew (Video, DIT, Sound, etc) and other departments can be located, which is separated from set.


Wireless Camera

Live feed from any film/digital camera, securely transmitted up to 10km line-of-site.

Personal Crew Devices

Phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Tech Crew

Technical crew e.g. Video Assist / DIT / Sound.

Access Point

Streaming video platform for crew devices.

CASE STUDY 1 – Single Unit with remote viewing

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