We provide a fully managed RF Solution for your production


The use of Radio Frequency is an essential part of modern Film and TV production. Whilst having the right technology is important, knowing how to use it properly is critical. Many problems are caused on-set due to overcrowded and badly managed RF spectrum.

Managing RF between departments is complex and requires specialist knowledge. This is the difference with CineArk RF – we don’t just provide equipment; we provide a fully managed RF solution.


Support throughout the entire life cycle of your production, from attending production meetings and tech-reccies, to ongoing support and planning, saving valuable time on-set.


We will work with all departments to make a comprehensive frequency allocation plan, ensuring all RF devices work together effectively. We co-ordinate with the relevant regulatory bodies to secure RF licenses where required.


We have a comprehensive range of equipment for all scenarios. No single video transmitter is suitable for every situation. Our flexible approach means we assess what is required on a per setup basis, so you’re not paying for kit you don’t need!

Covering all areas of RF:

  • Complex setups with multiple wireless cameras
  • Robust 2-way wireless talkback
  • Non line-of-sight video & audio communication
  • Ultra long-range
  • Mobile/hand-held Receive Sites
  • Inter-Unit and Remote Links