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We design and build custom packages to fulfil every possible shooting scenario no matter how challenging the requirements at competitive prices supported by a highly responsive warehouse team with extensive experience working in the field.



Cinematography is the lifeblood of CineArk and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed with leading luminaries in the field. With a bespoke suite of services that include; on-set live grading, exposure control, transcoding, workflow supervision and colour pipeline management we have a package for every production no matter how big or how small.

The eagle has landed


Wireless transmission is at the heart of every modern production, whether that’s camera mounted transmitters, or wireless monitors to facilitate social distancing. That’s why we have developed our own transmitter. The Eagle, a world-exclusive dual-band transmitter to provide robust long-distance video transmission, coupled with on-set focus monitoring and careful frequency management. Quite simply we are the leading provider of transmitters in Europe today so whether you’re on land, in the air or on a boat we will provide the tools to secure your video transmission quickly and securely.

Custom rig design

Video Assist

Video Assist is the engine that drives most modern film sets, providing a central hub through which camera and sound is distributed, whether that’s on the director’s monitors, the script supervisors iPad or via live-link to the LA producer’s office. With extensive experience in the field, our packages are designed to be deployed quickly and reliably utilising our cutting-edge SmartAssist rigs powered by QTake software. So no matter how challenging the shooting environment we have the tools and the know-how to keep you shooting.


Ark VFX provides a wide array of custom made packages for the VFX On-Set team.

You can pick and choose amongst our latest model of DLSRs cameras and 6K witness camera options with compatible prime and zoom lenses.

We offer a variety of mounts and rigging solution to suit any reference capturing requirements. At Ark VFX you can find all the accessories you need, including memory cards, data storage space and data managing rig.

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