CommsLink Overview

As part of the ArkLink Remote Production services, CommsLink enables unprecedented coverage and flexibility, allowing crew to listen and talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, via professional comms-packs, radios or even through personal devices such as phones, laptops or tablets.

This, along with the rest of ArkLink’s suite of secure, cutting-edge technology and services, enables crews to continue filming whilst being in geographically separated locations.

Standard Setup On Film Sets

Crew can only communicate via
radio when in range.

CommsLink Solution

CommsLink provides seamless communication
to and from set, to anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Direct integration with the production sound mixer

Enabling comms-packs to listen to live sound and playback, as well as integration with PA systems.

Inter-unit Linking

Enabling seamless communication between multiple units, anywhere in the world.

Fully Customisable Routing

All users can listen to multiple comms and radio channels simultaneously, through one single headset.

Revolutionary Virtual Connection

Anybody can be on comms over any internet or cellular connection.

Dial in Phone Number

Providing a standard conference dial in number allowing communication with any radio or comms channel.

“Talk on your normal Motorola radio in Rome…Someone in L.A replies”

The Technology

CommsLink addresses the bespoke requirements of film production, offering a robust and scalable communication solution.

CommsLink combines the performance of Riedel’s Bolero belt-packs, an industry-standard in broadcast communications, with best in class network hardware and software to create a secure Remote Production environment, backed by CineArk’s ArkLink outstanding technology, support and infrastructure.

How Is This Used On Film Sets?

There are many situations on-set where it would be valuable to be able to communicate to a specific department, but be able to listen to another channel simultaneously. For instance, you have to listen and talk to the camera department, but also need to listen to the AD channel all of the time: through CommsLink you can achieve this on a single headset.

Another example, if you are running a remote production and your director is not in the same geographical location as the splinter unit(s). Through CommsLink these remote units can be on the same radio / comms channels as the main unit and the director can communicate with the splinter units(s) seamlessly, whilst watching their remote uplink video!

Talk to Anyone, Anywhere on Any Device

Example Comms-pack Configurations

Here are some examples of how different users’ comms-packs could be configured on a set.


PTT: Push-To-Talk, enables communication to these users when button pushed

Freespeak talk (VOX): Open mic talking to these users (can be muted if required)

1st AD’s comms pack

Default Listen: Radio channel 1+2, AD comms channel, Camera comms channel, Director comms channel Freespeak talk (VOX): AD comms channel only
PTT Button 1: Director comms channel
PTT Button 2: Radio channel 1 (AD1)
PTT Button 3: Radio channel 2 (AD2)
PTT Button 4: Camera comms channel
PTT Button 5: Grips comms channel
PTT Button 6: DOP comms channel

A Camera Operator’s comms pack

Default listen: Camera comms channel and Grips comms channel Freespeak talk (VOX): Camera and Grips comms channel
PTT Button 1: Radio channel 7 (camera)
PTT Button 2: Video comms channel
PTT Button 3: Radio channel 1 (AD1)
PTT Button 4: Director comms channel
PTT Button 5: Action vehicles comms channel
PTT Button 6: Sparks comms channel

Stunt Co-ordinator’s comms pack

Default Listen: Stunt comms, Action-vehicles comms, Radio Channel 1 Freespeak talk (VOX): Off / Not required
PTT Button 1: Stunt comms channel
PTT Button 2: AD comms channel
PTT Button 3: Radio channel 1 (AD1)
PTT Button 4: SFX comms channel
PTT Button 5: Camera comms channel
PTT Button 6: Grips comms channel

Director’s comms pack

Default Listen: Production sound (Actor’s mics)
Freespeak talk (VOX): 1st AD, DOP, Camera Operator, Key Grip
PTT Button 1: Radio channel 1 (AD1)
PTT Button 2: AD comms channel
PTT Button 3: Camera comms channel
PTT Button 4: SFX comms channel
PTT Button 5: Stunts comms channel
PTT Button 6: Action-vehicles comms channel

Hardware Options

Bolero Beltpack

  • 250 beltpacks, 100m range
  • Up to six full-duplex keys
    plus convenient REPLY button to last caller.

AIR - Ultra Light Professional Headset

  • Ultra-lightweight, high-quality headset.

Pro - Closed Professional Headset

  • Reliable, high-quality
    headsets for demanding intercom applications.

Bluetooth Headphones

  • Bluetooth capable
  • The bolero comms-pack can
    be used with any standard bluetooth headphones.

Talk Panel

  • App-defined hardware: one panel, countless areas of application(s).

Virtual Panel

  • Virtual panel meaning you can use any device, anywhere in the world and speak directly to any radio or comms channel on set.

Phoneline Interface

  • Allows for dial in via a standard phone number e.g. production can call a number and be connected directly to the AD radio channel.

CommsLink Remote Station

  • Physical microphone and headset remote station
  • Can be deployed at a remote location e.g. a Trailer, office or house.